Jericho Shofars

Jericho Shofar horn, Natural Ram's Horn

Jericho Shofar horn, Natural Ram's Horn


Jericho Shofar

The Jericho Shofar horn is an especially large Ram’s Horn Natural Finish shofar. According to tradition these shofars are like the ones the priests carried during the Battle of Jericho as described in the Bible in Joshua 6:1-27. The Israelites fought the Battle of Jericho in their conquest of Canaan. After six days of marching once around the city’s wall, Joshua was commanded on the seventh day to march around the city seven times and for the priests to blow their shofars after the seventh time.  When the priests sounded their shofars, the walls of Jericho came crumbling down and the Israelites over-ran the city.

Our Jericho shofars are of the highest quality and 100% kosher. A kosher Jericho shofar has been properly cleaned and is contaminate free. Kosher items are stringently checked and supervised by the Israel Rabbinical Council. A natural finish shofar means that during processing the original, rugged texture of the horn is retained and cleaned.

The size of the shofar is determined by measuring along the outside of the curve, not the overall length.

Jericho Shofar Measurements
Small Jericho

Size  Qty  Dscnt PriceAdd
1 1  0% ₪146.67
2 2  5% ₪278.67
5 5  25% ₪550.13
1 1  0% ₪173.33
2 2  5% ₪329.33
5 5  25% ₪650.13