1)  Find a reputable shofar dealer.
This you have already accomplished! Shofar.co sells only high quality, kosher shofars. We stand by our products as we know we sell the best shofars from the largest shofar producers in Israel.

2) Choose the type of shofar.
Yemenite/Kudu Shofar or Ram’s Horn Shofar are both excellent choices.  The Yemenite Shofar comes from the kudu antelope and can be quite dramatic looking. However, the Ram’s horn shofars are the original shofars referred to in the Bible. 
3)  Choose a size.
There is a great range of sizes for all the shofar types. Generally speaking, the larger the shofar, the easier it is to play and the more tones and notes it produces. Therefore, you need to balance your budget with a shofar that will be comfortable for you to play.  Please note that the shofar is measured along the curve and not from tip to tip.
4) Choose the finish of the shofar.
This is a matter of taste as the finish of the shofar will not affect the sound. You can choose from fully polished with all the natural husk removed or half polished with half of the natural husk removed and half still remaining.  There are also silver plated shofars in several beautiful designs.

5) Decide if you need any shofar accesories.
You may want to buy a shofar bag or a shofar stand to display the shofar in your home or place of worship.


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