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Yemenite Shofar

Yemenite Shofar

Our Yemenite Shofars for sale are of the highest quality and 100% kosher. A kosher shofar has been properly cleaned and is contaminate free, as supervised by the Israel Rabbinical Council. A polished shofar means that during the processing, the rugged texture of the horn is removed and it is polished to a lovely sheen. Yemenite shofars are made from kudu horns after the natural annual shedding.

The Jews of Yemen had no access to the horns from Rams. Therefore, horns from the Kudu, a type of antelope, were brought from Africa to Yemen across the narrow Bab el-Mandeb Strait. Yemenite shofars are elongated spirals in shape and have a deep resonance some liken it to the sound of an echo off a mountain. It is said this timbre is what attracted Yemenite Jews to the kudu horn – it is reminiscent of the mountains where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac and sacrificed the ram instead resulting in the creation of the shofar.

The size of the shofar is determined by measuring outside around the spiral, not the overall length.



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